Preparing to visit a church for the first time can be a very intimidating experience.
This page is designed with questions and answers, to give you an idea of what you can expect when you visit us.


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Before You Arrive:

What should I bring?

You do not need to bring anything! Everything you will need during the service will be waiting for you where you sit or will be given to you at the door. Most people arrive 5-10 minutes before the service is scheduled to start. If you happen to arrive a few minutes late, that is just fine.

Is parking available?

Free parking is available in the street in front of the church. Additional parking is available beside the church hall and must be accessed through the alley behind the church hall.

During the Service:

How much should I put in the collection plate?

Nothing. You are our guest, and we have a custom at the church of explicitly asking guests not to contribute and to simply pass the offertory plate on when it comes to them. We will ask you to fill out a visitor’s card.

How will I know what to do during the service?

The most common approach is to simply do what everyone else is doing. If you prefer, you can remain seated throughout the service. You are not obligated to stand, kneel, sing or take Communion at the altar.

Should I bring my kids?

Kids of all ages are invited to come to the services. For more information, please contact the church office.

What will I need during the service?

The exact collection of books and handouts that you will need during the service varies from week to week with the format of the service. All of the books that you need will be waiting for you where you sit. Any handouts you need will be given to you when you arrive at the church. Typically, this handout will contain the order of the service and the weekly notices.

Where should I sit?

You can usually sit anywhere in the church. Occasionally, during special services such as weddings or baptisms, certain seats will have signs on the indicating they are reserved.

After The Service:

What happens after the service?

After the service each Sunday we have a fellowship hour with tea and coffee. Everyone is invited to attend, and this is great place to meet people and make friends.